Therapeutic Yoga for People with Parkinson’s

A Yoga Practice created and adapted especially for People with Parkinson’s. It works on the body, breath, mind and spirit thereby offering you an holistic approach to your health.

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How can Yoga Help me?

The postures help you to develop greater body strength, flexibility and balance. They are chosen to support your individual needs so that each of you might feel safe, relaxed and motivated from session to session.

Breathing practices bring you in touch with your breath and to develop your respiratory function. Together with mindfulness-based teachings you will find tools to promote a peaceful mind and to help you to manage and reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

No session will be complete without time for relaxation to allow your body and mind to rest so you feel a greater sense of well-being.

About Us

About Us

I am a professional teacher with specialist skills in Yoga Therapy & Parkinson’s.

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During the Covid pandemic all sessions will be online and classes will be limited to 6-8 people.

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Contact Me

Contact Me

I would like to hear from you and discuss further how Therapeutic Yoga might help you.

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Read Our Reviews

Go for it!


I feel generally more flexible, including my toes!


Yoga relaxes and energises me at the same time. It’s addictive and I practice a little every day


I would strongly recommend for anyone with Parkinson’s.


I come out of class feeling great!


I had a eureka moment last week. I got in the car and turned my head to look at the dogs and I could turn my head around freely and without pain.


Yoga has helped my movement, my breathing and confidence whilst having fun! What’s more Dawn is a great teacher.


About Me

I began this fascinating journey into Therapeutic Yoga for People with Parkinson’s when one of my students rang me to ask if I would lead a class for a small group of friends with Parkinson’s.

I have never looked back!

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